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With mini-interviews to the latest Recording session we introduce ourselves:

Three questions to

Barbara Heindlmeier
What is your favourite piece/musical health tip on the CD?

The first of the two Tarantellas! Until the last minute it wasn’t clear if Simon would record a solo guitar version or if we record one of the concert arrangements. We decided on a variation with recorder, viol and guitar. I was having so much fun playing this Tarantella that I didn’t want to stop, however as there were two more pieces on the programm, I just had to.

How many/which recorders did you use? Would you like to tell us something about them?

Altogether there were eight recorders: two renaissance tenors (a consort and a Rafi model), a baroque tenor after Bressan, a baroque treble in f after Steenbergen, a renaissance treble in g after Ganassi, a baroque treble in g, a baroque descant after Stanesby and a baroque Sixthflute (descant in d). Most of the recorders are made by Luca de Paolis. I got to know his instruments during my studies in Salzburg and I find his recorders offer a huge palette of colours. I am often surprised that these instruments, that I have been playing for so many years, still challenge me to try new things. 

Why are you enjoying being part of La Ninfea?

The core ensemble of La Ninfea has been playing together for about 12 years. We know each other really well and we speak a common musical language. This has developed over the years but was there from the beginning as a fundamental consensus. Each time we work together, what is exciting are the individual dialects of our musical language, keeping our playing new and vibrant.


Christian Heim   

What is your favourite piece/musical health tip on the CD and why?

That is difficult for me to decide! The “Antidotum tarantulae” offers a special magic. Just by hearing this piece one was meant to be cured. In contrast, the positively exhilarating “Operation de la taille” is a dramatic piece for viol that one could also imagine as a scene on an opera stage.

Why are you enjoying being a part of La Ninfea?

In this constellation I can be fully involved –  trying out ideas, making daring arrangements, running riot creatively. Or as Carl Valentin once said: Art is beautiful, but it is a lot of work!

Can you tell us about a special moment at the production or rehearsal?

We were rehearsing Lully’s “Sommeil”.  The first time Mirko sang an entrance super quietly, all of the parts magically melted together and I had a real feeling of goosebumps.

If your viols/recorders could talk, is there anything they would tell us about the production of “Music is the cure!“?

My viols: We were surprised how differently, the various bows made us sound. By the way, the sound engineers were surprised too!

My recorders: It was exciting right up to the last minute which of us would get used when, and for which section. For example when suddenly the 4-foot range was being played on little recorders, and then of course whether Barbara or Christian were taking the matter into their hands. 


Marthe Perl   

What is your favourite piece/musical health tip on the CD?

My favourite piece is the Folia. It has developed a lot since we began playing it and is continuously changing, never the same. This way it stays exciting and interesting to play. Also, I think the Folia represents a good attitude towards life: you should always allow yourself to be a little bit crazy (follia, ital. craziness). It makes life funnier and you will stay happier and healthier.

How many and which viols/bows did you use? Would you like to tell us something about them?

On this recording I played on two different viols:

1. My long-standing companion, the seven string viol (made by Claus Derenbach), which is exactly the same age as my eldest daughter, 16 years.

2. My new old friend, a viol with six strings, about 300 years old. She has seen a lot in this world and was modified quite a few times. Claus has now carefully restored her and I finally get to know her - she has some good stories to tell.

Bows: I think I tried out all of the bows that Christian and I had with us .

Why are you enjoying being a part of La Ninfea?

I like to play with La Ninfea because we all get along very well and have known each other for a long time. Making music like this is really easy. We often brainstorm together on long car trips about what kind of programmes we could play next. Shortly after, the new project is born and we start trying out pieces, developing ideas, forming the concept and suddenly we find ourselves recording the new, exciting CD. It is just really nice.

Simon Linné  

What is your favourite piece/musical health tip on this CD?  Antidotum Tarantulae. It is simply great fun to slip into the role of a melody instrument.  
   How many and which plucked instruments did you use? Would you like to tell us something about them?

Four, three of which I was able to borrow from a generous colleague. They had to be returned, most unfortunately, as I had fallen in love with the cittern and the renaissance lute!

   If your instruments could talk, is there anything they would tell us about the production  of “Music is the Cure!“?

Tuning... tuning... tuning... [laughs]